Many Americans are concerned about sanctity of life principles. And many millions of Americans can claim Irish ancestry. But unfortunately, many Irish-Americans (and Americans generally) are currently uninformed about the state of affairs regarding the culture of life in Ireland – both the successes achieved so far, as well as the challenges currently facing it.

Here are just a few examples of the recent attacks on Life in Ireland:

  1. A major effort is going on to educate Irish people about a recent European Court ruling, which is being used to crack open the door and foist abortion legislation on Ireland. The court case was organised by…none other than…Planned Parenthood.
  2. Promoters of abortion are being given control of the Irish Medical Council. And, unfortunately, many Irish doctors are under-informed about the challenges facing pro-life medical ethics.
  3. After the most recent elections in March, 2011, there is now an openly pro-abortion Labour party in government – who have said they want to introduce abortion-on-demand. And the Irish people are distracted by the enduring recession, as unemployment has now hit 14.8%.
  4. Abortion is being branded as a ‘positive option’ by an Irish government agency, which has spent €50 million of taxpayer’s funds since 2001 to promote this ideology.
  5. Groups like Human Rights Watch and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (much like the ACLU here in America) are getting millions from American groups like Atlantic Philanthropies – and using that money to attack Ireland’s ban on abortion.

Life House Ireland is very concerned about the current challenges to the culture of life in Ireland, and we want to inform and enthuse Irish-Americans, and all people who care deeply about the sanctity of life, to learn about, and help protect Ireland’s pro-life ethos.


  1. The attacks on Ireland’s pro-life laws are relentless and global. Abortion campaigners in Ireland get a lot of money and assistance from American and international organizations, like Atlantic Philanthropies, and from Planned Parenthood. Click on this news story to read more about the abortion lobby’s deep pockets:  http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/the-u.s.-billionaires-funding-the-push-for-abortion-in-ireland
  2. The Irish pro-life cause needs global support and prayers to rectify this injustice, especially when Irish resources are limited by a deepening recession. When you help Ireland in this way, you help a country maintain the culture of life…not regain, but maintain; in other words, you help keep Ireland abortion-free.
  3. If you are Irish-American, you are committed to the same principles that your ancestors most definitely stood for – in other word, you are committed to stand on the shoulders of those giants, who loved God and Ireland. If you aren’t Irish-American but care deeply about life issues, you believe in the same life-affirming principles which have guided Ireland till now, and kept it pro-life and abortion-free.
  4. You know that the right-to-life is the most fundamental of all rights, the right which affects all other rights and upon which all other rights are founded. And, you know that to preserve this right – in a nation never touched by the despair, cruelty and bad medicine of abortion – is a noble and generous deed.