May 30th – The Irish Catholic Church is to Sponsor 6 Weeks of Pro-Life Talks from the Pulpit

The Irish Hierarchy are making a concerted effort to inform their flocks about the proposed heads of bill regarding abortion.

Over six Sundays in June and July, there are to be pro-life talks/homilies given from pulpits in Irish churches. These talks/homilies are meant to educate and inform the church-going Irish public as to Church teaching on abortion, particularly in the face of the proposed heads of bill, some of which contains provisions contrary to that teaching.

It is also hoped that these talks/homilies will also advise Catholics as to their responsibilities for contacting their politicians about the same.

May 13th – More Irish Doctors Oppose Abortion in Any Proposed Legislation

A second body of Irish doctors, the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP), have voted against the introduction of abortion into Irish medical practice. This vote follows-on the recent vote of the Irish Medical Organisation to, likewise, oppose the introduction of abortion into Ireland, and, now, represents the second time in two months where Irish doctors have come out strongly against abortion.

April 25th – Fine Gael’s Proposal Allows for the Destruction of Unborn Life

The Irish Government’s so-called heads of bill will allow unborn human life to be ‘destroyed’.

The Irish Government, led by Fine Gael and their leader Enda Kenny, has published a brief outline of what the eventual legislation on abortion will look like. The heads of bill is a thumb-sketch of the bill, which is to be proposed for debate in the Dail, and forms the basis for the legislative framework of the bill.

In spite of the fact that the vast majority of the evidence heard in Committee hearings was absolutely pro-life, and despite the fact that the Irish Medical Organisation has come out against abortion under all circumstances, the proposed heads of bill have, instead, given a huge entry way for abortion into Ireland. It has made a mockery out of the Committee hearings, Irish doctors’ opinions, and the vast majority of the Irish public who support the defense of unborn human life.

April 19th – Savita Inquest Shows that E. Coli Was the Cause of Death; Abortion Not Recommended

The medical inquest into the tragic death of Savita Halapannavar has revealed that the E. Coli bacteria – which commonly has a mortality rate of 60% – was responsible for the infection which caused her death in October, 2012.

9 recommendations were made by the Coroner, but none of them included the liberalization of Ireland’s abortion laws. In other words, abortion would not have saved Savita’s life.

April 5th – Irish Medical Organization Rejects Calls for Abortion

Three motions calling for the legalization of abortion in different circumstances have been rejected by the Irish Medical Organization, Ireland’s leading doctor’s organization in Ireland.

One motion called for abortion to be legalized in the case of rape, another in the case of fetal abnormality, and, finally, another in the case of suicidal ideation. The motions were debated, voted on, and soundly defeated.

Delegates believed that the motivation behind the motions was political, not medical – and, for that reason, the pro-life position was vindicated, as the evidence overwhelmingly proves that women and babies are safer without abortion, and that life is valued absolutely.


January 19th – Huge Pro-Life Vigil Rocks Fine Gael

More than 30,000 people crowded Merrion Square in the Capital to send a message to Enda Kenny and Fine Gael: if you legalize abortion in Ireland, you will never get their vote again. The Vigil was organized by Ireland’s largest pro-life organizations, including the Life Institute and Youth Defence.

In terms of size, if the same proportion of the population of the United States turned out for a rally, there would be approximately 2.5-3 million people taking part. In other words, it was an absolutely massive rally, by Irish standards. And, the Vigil attracted a good number of notables in Irish society, including Mickey Harte, the Tyrone County football manager.

January 9-10th – Committee Hearings bring Experts to the Oireachtas – Evidence is pro-life

Leading Irish Oncologists and Obstetricians, including Dr John Crowne, Dr Sam Coulter Smyth, Dr Mary McCarthy, and Dr Rhona Mahony, all testified before the Oireachtas Committee on Abortion. All of the Obstetricians testified that there were no instances where Ireland’s laws on abortion had prevented a pregnant woman from receiving all the necessary treatment needed to safeguard her life.

They also testified that in, perhaps, 30 cases per year, the pregnancy of an expectant mother was expedited (by early delivery) in order to safeguard her life, but that the intention when making an early delivery was never to intentionally kill the unborn child.

Finally, it was confirmed that not one woman in Irish hospitals had died as a result of suicide since the X case ruling was handed down in 1992. The X case said that a woman could seek an abortion if she was suicidal – but, the evidence given by the Masters of Ireland’s maternity hospitals shows that this situation had never actually arisen, contradicting the necessity for legislation including a provision for suicide.

December 18th – Fine Gael accepts dubious option

Just a week before Christmas, Enda Kenny told the Irish public that the Government would pursue the option of Legislation and Regulation put forward by the so-called Expert Committee. What this means is that the Committee’s Option of Guidelines only – which would likely be more restrictive in terms of any push to legalise abortion – has been ruled out by this Government.

Unfortunately, this move indicates that Enda Kenny and the Irish Government are intending to move forward with legislation based on the flawed Irish Supreme Court ruling in the X case.

In January, experts will be called as witnesses to testify before the Oireachtas (Parliament), giving evidence in their respective fields about any proposed legislation.


November 14th – Huge Controversy

The recent controversy arose because an Indian national, Mrs. Sativa Halappanavar, who was living and working in Ireland, and who was expecting her first baby, contracted septicemia and died in Galway University Hospital.

Every sympathy goes out to those affected by this sad, unfortunate event.

Since no-one knows all of the circumstances of her treatment and subsequent death, an inquiry is now being set up by the Irish government to investigate exactly what happened.

What we do know is that, from Ireland to India to the USA, calls are being made for Ireland to relax our pro-life laws, in the wake of this heart-breaking tragedy.

The media in Ireland and around the world have behaved in an unashamedly biased fashion to promote abortion in this case, and we believe they have given this story blanket coverage, not because they care about Sativa or justice being done, but rather because they cynically believe that they can use this personal tragedy to soften up the Irish people on this issue, and foist abortion on Ireland.

In fact, the Irish Independent reported that a leaked email has revealed that abortion campaigners had prior knowledge of Sativa’s death, and they planned to use it to proceed with a campaign to have abortion legalized in Ireland.

The email from the Irish Choice Network, dated November 11th, 3 days before the story broke publically, advised that, “a major news story in relation to abortion access is going to break in the media early this coming week.” It further invited members to attend a meeting when they would have, “more definite information around which we can make some collective decisions about how best to proceed.”

It was also reported in the same paper that members of the Indian community in Ireland contacted the Irish Choice Network with a view to publicizing the story, presumably to use this information in such a way as would most likely lead to the outcome they desire.

And now, the majority of the English-speaking media, and their activist counterparts are simply jumping to political conclusions which are not justified by the medical evidence in this case, or indeed, in any case of maternal mortality in Ireland.

Dr. Divakar – the president-elect of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India – was interviewed in the The Hindu  after Sativa’s death, and had this to say about her case:

“Based on available information, Savita would have reported pain and infection and doctors would have indicated a miscarriage as the 17-week foetus may not have grown as expected. Its growth would have been deteriorating because of the infection. Having understood that the baby was not going to make it, the couple would have asked for termination. But as Savita’s infection may have required aggressive treatment at that stage, doctors must have felt the need to prevent complications. The usual [practice] is to meddle the least till the mother is stable.

“Delay or refusal to terminate the pregnancy does not in itself seem to be the cause of death. Even if the law permitted it, it is not as if her life would have been saved because of termination,” she said. “Severe septicaemia with disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), a life-threatening bleeding disorder which is a complication of sepsis, major organ damage and loss of the mother’s blood due to severe infection, is the cause of death in Savita’s case. This is what seems to have happened and this is a sequence which cannot be reversed just by terminating the pregnancy.”

And crucially, she then states: “Based on information in the media, in that situation of septicemia, if the doctors had meddled with the live baby, Savita would have died two days earlier.”

In other words, the doctor is saying that abortion is not a cure for septicemia, and would not have saved her life.

But, this comes as no surprise to the Irish medical community who continually achieve among the lowest maternal mortality rates in the world – usually among the lowest three annually in the world, at about 3 per 100,000. The British figure is four times higher at 12 per 100,000, and the US figure is eight times higher at 24 per 100,000 – and India’s is an astounding 71 times higher at 212 per 100,000.

A comprehensive review conducted by an All Party Parliamentary Committee found that: “In Ireland there is no medical evidence to suggest that clinicians do not treat women with cancer or other illnesses on the grounds that the treatment would damage the unborn child”. The Medical Council governs practise for doctors in Ireland – and they state that doctors are obliged to always intervene to save a mother’s life, even if that leads to the unintentional death of her child.

Ireland’s ban on abortion has been accompanied by a fall in the number of maternal deaths – and Ireland according to the UN is one of the safest places in the world for a mother to have a baby..

The fact that the abortion lobby and their sidekicks in the media want to muddy the waters between abortion and life-saving treatment which may result in the unintentional death of the unborn child is not surprising. But, the question is why do they want to do this?

There are several reasons why these anti-life forces have set their sites on Ireland, but the most important one is this: Ireland is a living example of a first world country where abortion is not practiced, and where the maternal mortality rate is among the lowest in the world.

Why is this so important to the pro-life movement all around the world?

Because Ireland exposes the lie constantly told by abortion promoters, as is now being told in this tragic case, that abortion is necessary to save the lives of women. Quite to the contrary – without recourse to abortion – Ireland is one of the safest place in the world for a woman to have a baby. And because Ireland exposes this lie for what it is – for this reason – are the promoters of abortion doing everything they can to force abortion onto Ireland.


October 18th – Marie Stopes Abortion Clinic Opens In Belfast

British abortion-provider, the Marie Stopes company, opened an abortion clinic in Northern Ireland on Thursday, October 18th. This is the first such facility on the island of Ireland and has come as a huge shock to the Irish public generally, and to the Irish pro-life community, in particular.

On its opening day, as many as 500 pro-lifers, from both North and South, gathered in prayerful protest outside the premises. It was a day which saw great cooperation between Catholics and Protestants, unionists and nationalists. Everyone came out for life, and it was a huge success. More mass protests, and a daily vigil, are planned to be put on the clinic.

Bernadette Smyth of Precious Life (based in the North) was quoted as saying: “There is no will for Marie Stopes to be here, they are not welcome here. The people here want to make a stand. Unborn children here are precious and there is no will for abortion to be legalized here from the people or politicians. It’s clear that unborn children are protected here.

“We are still seeking legal advice. I would not rule out an injunction. I am still working with the justice system and our politicians to ensure that Marie Stopes does not take the lives of any unborn children.”

As evidence of the opposition to abortion by the people of the North, pupils at St Mary’s Grammar School in Magherafelt have spontaneously decided to launch a lunchtime prayer vigil for the closure of the clinic.

And, in breaking news, the North’s Attorney General, John Larkin, has thankfully called for an official inquiry into the opening of the facility. We hope and pray that this signals a short stay for Marie Stopes in the North of Ireland. We look forward to the day when we can say: “Good riddance.”


October 7th – The Irish Catholic Bishops Begin A Pro-Life Initiative

Sunday, October 7th was the Annual Day for Life in Ireland, and the Irish Catholic Bishops Conference prepared some good pro-life resources for this year’s initiative. They have asked the faithful to say the ‘Choose Life’ prayer every day during the special month of prayer between Sunday, 7 October and the Feast of All the Saints of Ireland on Tuesday, November 6th.

Choose Life: Prayer for the Child in the Womb

Lord Jesus, you are the source and lover of life.
Reawaken in us respect for every human life.
Help us to see in each child the marvellous work of our Creator.
Open our hearts to welcome every child as a unique and wonderful gift.
Guide the work of doctors, nurses and midwives.
May the life of a mother and her baby in the womb be equally cherished
and respected.
Help those who make our laws to uphold the uniqueness and sacredness
of every human life,
from the first moment of conception to natural death.
Give us wisdom and generosity to build a society that cares for all.
Together with Mary, your Mother, in whose womb you took on our human nature,
Help us to choose life in every decision we take.
We ask this in the joyful hope of eternal life with you, and in the
communion of the Blessed Trinity. Amen.
Our Lady of Knock, pray for us. All the Saints of Ireland, pray for us.

The Bishops have also asked Catholics to “contact your public representatives asking them to ‘Choose Life’ and not to introduce abortion to Ireland”; to “write letters to local and national newspapers expressing your views” and to “participate in radio and televisions debates and use social media such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs to participate in discussions about this issue”.

They also urged the faithful to volunteer with a pro-life group.

As the Life Institute’s (based in Dublin) Tadgh Mac Eoin was quoted as saying: “People need to pray and act if we are to keep abortion out of Ireland.”


September 8th – Major Medical Symposium in Dublin Concludes That Abortion Is Not Medically Necessary To Save The Life Of A Mother

Leading medical experts speaking at a major International Symposium on Excellence in Maternal Healthcare held in Dublin have concluded that “direct abortion is not medically necessary to save the life of a mother.”

Professor Eamon O’Dwyer, speaking for the Committee of the Symposium, said that the outcome of the conference, “provided clarity and confirmation to doctors and legislators.”

Experts in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, mental health, and molecular epidemiology presented new research, and shared clinical experiences on issues surrounding maternal healthcare to the packed Symposium attended by more than 140 Irish medical professionals.

Particular attention was paid to the management of high-risk pregnancies, cancer in pregnancy, foetal anomalies, mental health and maternal mortality. The Symposium’s conclusions were issued in the Dublin Declaration on Maternal Healthcare which states:

“As experienced practitioners and researchers in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, we affirm that direct abortion is not medically necessary to save the life of a woman. We uphold that there is a fundamental difference between abortion, and necessary medical treatments that are carried out to save the life of the mother, even if such treatment results in the loss of life of her unborn child. We confirm that the prohibition of abortion does not affect, in any way, the availability of optimal care to pregnant women.”


September, 2012 – 5 County Councils Vote Against Abortion

In an unprecedented move, five county councils around Ireland have voted against abortion at the insistence of local pro-lifers. Donegal, Monaghan, Mayo, Leitrim, and Cavan County Councils – bodies which administer local county government – have voted against abortion in pro-life motions. As well as being a good shot in the arm for the pro-life movement, it also demonstrates that Irish politicians understand that the Irish electorate will not tolerate moves to sanction the killing of the unborn. To that end, it is interesting to note that, when pressed on the issue, these county councils voted almost all unanimously for the pro-life position. We are hopeful that more such votes will take place, as it continues to make clear Ireland’s pro-life ethos.


August 28th – Cardinal Brady Says Attempt to Legislate for Abortion Will Be Vigorously Opposed

The Cardinal of All-Ireland has shown the courage of his convictions by going to the media with the message that the Church will actively lobby politicians against the introduction of abortion legislation.


August 14th – Labour Party Representative Admits European Ruling is Not Binding

The Labour Party is in a coalition government as the minority party with the majority party, Fine Gael. Labour also happens to be vociferously pro-abortion. Therefore, it is a minor miracle that one of their representatives allowed the truth to escape: the ABC case is not, in fact, legally binding on Ireland.


July 20th – Fine Gael TDs Speak Out Against Abortion On Foot of Lobbying

As a result of a three months’ lobbying effort, and a massive nationwide billboard campaign, 15 Fine Gael TD come out in favour of Life!


July 20th – Irish Pro-Life Organizations Raise Up the Pro-life Majority

Pro-life groups run an on-going educational effort which generates thousand of phone calls to public representatives.

NB: Fine Gael (FG) is the party currently in power, and a ‘TD’ is the equivalent of a House Representative in the US Congress.