Life House Ireland is an American, tax-exempt organization. We were principally formed by people who have lived and worked in Ireland for many years. Observing the Irish pro-life model, and seeing its success, was the inspiration for Life House Ireland’s formation.

But, we also realized that Irish-Americans, American pro-lifers, and Americans who are interested in sanctity of life issues as well as international affairs, have not been well-informed or updated as regards Ireland’s pro-life success story.

We want to emulate the Irish model – especially in terms of our public outreach. And that’s why the bulk of our resources is reinvested in reaching out to more and more Americans.

Formed in 2011, Life House Ireland operates out of Frederick, Maryland, in order to be close to the large population centers of the East Coast of the United States.




Life House Ireland’s main mission is to inform Americans about the pro-life situation in Ireland, and by doing so help keep Ireland pro-life and abortion-free. We do this by providing information about the challenges facing Ireland’s pro-life success story.

We attend and host educational conferences, meet with Irish-American groups, and confer with other pro-life organizations. We also publish a free, online newsletter about current events affecting life and family issues in Ireland.

And, importantly, Life House Ireland is an American tax-exempt organization.

With tax-deductible donations received from Americans, we can help ensure that vital projects and research can continue to keep Ireland abortion-free, and can also continue to spread its pro-life model further afield.