Make a Donation, Make a Difference!

With your help, Life House Ireland will work to help Ireland remain pro-life and abortion-free. We will inform Irish-Americans – and all those who care deeply about life issues – about what’s going on right now in Ireland, and, when and where possible, support educational pro-life projects.


Please consider donating to Life House Ireland. Your donation will save lives! And, it will help Ireland maintain its Culture of Life, against all the odds! Every contribution, no matter what size, will make a huge difference:

  • $5,000 can help Life House Ireland to bring Ireland’s culture of life – including informative speakers, traditional Irish music, dance and food – to New York City this St Patrick’s Day, as we host our Second Annual Irish Festival for Life.
  • $2,500 can help us print 20,000 St. Patrick’s Day leaflets, which we hand-out during parades around the United States.
  • $1,000 will sponsor a month of informational meetings for Life House Ireland, covering the cost of gas and accommodation, as we crisscross the United States, speaking about Ireland’s pro-life successes and challenges.
  • $500 will enable Life House Ireland to host and maintain this website for two months, as well as cover our costs to provide our social media forums -again, to reach out to more and more Americans using the Irish pro-life model.
  • $250 helps us to print a six-month supply of Life House Ireland’s promotional literature, designed to spread the word about keeping Ireland pro-life and abortion-free.
  • $100 will help us to bring out our free, monthly newsletter – getting time-sensitive news to people who want to keep up with the latest from Ireland.
  • $50 will help pay for one month of telephone and internet service – so vital for any modern office.
  • $25 will pay for 50 of our “Irish for Life” buttons, which we give out at every meeting, and which are very popular around St. Patrick’s Day.

* To save money, Life House Ireland volunteers use their own cars to travel, and try to stay with other pro-lifers while on the road.

Note on Funding: As a new organization, Life House Ireland is excited about the tremendous enthusiasm shown for our message. Americans genuinely want to know about the Irish pro-life model.

So, in 2012, Life House Ireland has reinvested most contributions into informing and educating more and more Americans about the challenges facing Ireland at this moment. By doing so, we have become the source of reliable information about Ireland’s stand against abortion.

In our by-laws, we have stringent tests to prevent any contribution from going to anything but informational and educational projects, and we carefully review all applications for contributions to ensure that they meet our strict standard of being 100% informational and education.

We will consider applications for projects in Ireland which meet the proper criteria.


Donate online by Credit Card

Click here to donate securely online by PayPal. It’s not necessary to have a PayPal account, and it’s 100% secure.

Your donation will be tax-deductible! As an American tax-exempt organization, Life House Ireland wants to make it easy for you to support great pro-life projects.

Donate by Post

Please make checks payable to: Life House Ireland, and send to: Life House Ireland, 47 E. All Saints Street, Frederick, MD, 21701.

Donate by Phone

Please call us at (240) 415-2383, and you may use your credit card.


Go mbeannaí Dia thú